Secondary Instruction (Grades 6-12)

Students at Madison Junior High and Madison Consolidated High School continue further development of several key learning strategies.  These various components, which are implemented as part of a diversified learning experience, are designed to assist each student's exploration and development of necessary skills as they work toward the longer term goal of college and career readiness.

At the junior high level, emphasis begins on understanding student interests, strengths, and desires as they begin to align education with possible career pathways.  As students enter high school, our goal is to offer a diversified, intentional curriculum offering which is appealing to all students whether they are 2 or 4-year college bound student, technical or trade oriented, or wish to enter the job market directly following graduation.  We will strive to do this through a solid understanding of each student's strengths, abilities, and goals in order to provide personalized guidance.  With this understanding, we are better able to guide more focused career exploration, strategic alignment of course work with fields of interest, and certifications in areas of technical and skilled trades. 

In addition to core content requirements, we continue innovative, career-centric course offerings through our STEAM initiative - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math: