Our transportation department currently has a fleet of 34 buses, which now includes three propane powered buses. Our bus drivers transport approximately 1,500 students on 32 routes covering just over 2,400 miles daily throughout our district. We consider student safety and security on our buses as an extension of our buildings. Therefore, we place a high focus on processes and features to ensure we take every measure to make our transportation as safe and reliable as possible.
  1. Weather statement  Please click this link for our current weather related information and policy.
  2. GPS - as a safety measure, each of our buses is equipped with GPS which allows us to track each bus along the route. In the event there is an accident, natural disaster, or other event that requires a re-route, pick up, or drop off delay; we are able to see that from our transportation office and communicate with our drivers and parents as needs arise. This also helps to confirm our snow routes are correct and efficient.
  3. Security cameras - as a way to increase safety for students and drivers, all buses have security cameras installed. Cameras are able to capture the interior and points of the exterior of the bus. If there is ever a question of behavior or conduct while riding the bus, our transportation office personnel have access to video feed.
  4. Student ID cards - beginning August 2016 any student who uses Madison Consolidated Schools bus transportation will be required to scan their student ID card upon boarding the bus to and from school each day. Similar to the airline seat assignment processes, this is a security measure and allows us to be accountable for any student entrusted to our care for transportation. This does NOT TRACK any student aside from their time on the bus, but does allow us to confirm they boarded the bus and when and where they were dropped off, in the event there is ever a question of location.

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