eLearning Commitment

Education has expanded from teaching academic curriculum in traditional methods to include learning and engaging in virtual environments, incorporating digital collaboration, and global connectivity to maximize content learning. Other forms of eLearning implementation within the district include credit recovery virtual labs, alternative education programs, and hybrid (blended) high school courses which have all contributed to an increasing graduation rate while also providing more options for our students.

Once again, students in the Madison Consolidated Schools district have the option to participate in six scheduled eLearning days. eLearning was implemented within our district during the 2013 - 2014 school year and remains a focal point as part of our Strategic Framework addressing elements of our student performance and global preparedness initiatives. As students begin school, as early as preschool and through graduation, they are exposed to and become comfortable with many forms of technology and the overall digital environment. What may begin as gameplay quickly turns to educational tools and resource location, online job applications, and later collaborative work teams. eLearning creates self-discipline within the student from an early age to better prepare them to manage their time and course load effectively. It also creates an exciting, self-directed learning path for students and allows teachers to participate in professional development in order to bring new techniques and experiences to their students.

On scheduled eLearning days, junior high and high school students utilize technology via the internet and the school’s learning management system, to complete assigned work. Online lessons are interactive and are designed to address the Indiana Academic Standards which guide curriculum. Teachers are available to students, through various platforms, to answer any questions or actively collaborate on assignments as needs arise.

Each student within our district has a device they use on a daily basis in their classroom. Student technology devices range from iPads in K-2nd grade and  Chromebooks in 3rd-12th grade. In the event a student does not have internet access at home or access to public wifi, all school buildings will be open with supervised study areas on scheduled eLearning days. Regular transportation is provided and meals are served on each of the scheduled eLearning days.

If trends continue, by the class of 2020, nearly all students could be required by the state to take at least part of their higher education/career coursework in an online environment. Our MCS mission is to educate all students to reach their potential, and student learning is the foremost thought in our minds as we try to prepare our students for a global marketplace. It is our goal that eLearning days will provide our students with an online experience that will be foundational to future growth and success.

 eLearning Day Presentation

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