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Science Bowl Teams have the chemistry for success!

Five Madison Schools competed last week in the annual Science Bowl competition with four of the five teams bringing home a spot in the Top 10 in the State in their respective classes!  CONGRATULATIONS to all students who participated in the Science Bowl and we are very proud of your accomplishments!

Results links for top 10 teams:
MJHS 6th Grade- 9th Place (Score of 75)

MJHS 5th Grade- 7th Place (Score of 68.5)

Deputy 4th Grade- 7th Place (Score of 63.5)

Lydia Middleton 4th Grade- 10th Place (Score of 59)
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Experience - 4 Teachers in China

Over Spring Break, four of our teachers traveled to China to experience the incredible cultural, share in professional development, and teach students in a local school. While visiting, Mr. Mahoney, Ms. Smith, Ms. Mahoney, and Mrs. Mahoney were able to take in the sights and sounds of many different areas within China as they share in their blog, 4 Teachers in China.

In addition to teaching lessons to local children, our teachers were also able to share teaching experiences and methods with hosting teachers and fellow educators. The team toured two schools in Hangzhou, and the incredible photos convey excitement and learning - in any language, for all ages! They also visited our sister school, Tian Chang Elementary School, and delivered gifts from area host families to the students who visited Madison last fall.

This opportunity was extended to teachers at E.O. Muncie, Lydia Middleton, and MJHS where partnerships with our sister school in China have been established. This international teaching experience was made possible, in part, through a very generous contribution from SuperATV and each teacher covering a portion of their traveling expenses.

We are very excited to continue our relationship with our sister school and hope to create expanded opportunities within our schools, for our students, and additional teachers as part of our continued strategic framework around global learning. This is the third recent trip by Madison faculty to foreign countries as a way to share and experience education in other areas of the world. Please Be sure to visit their blog, 4 Teachers in China, to enjoy their China experience through the eyes of our teachers!
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JAG State Competition

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MCHS JAG Chapter State Recognition!

On Friday, March 17th, three members of the MCHS JAG Chapter traveled to Indianapolis to compete at the State Annual Career Development Conference. Each student, decorated with regional awards, had hopes of hopes of a state title in their choice of professional development categories.

Lauren Medina (pictured on left) placed 2nd in Career Presentation, Riley Motenko (pictured on right) earned an Honorable mention for Outstanding Senior, and Josh Pearson (pictured front center) competed in Public Speaking. "Each student faced stiff competition and all performed well and networked making professional connections which will last a lifetime", shared Mrs. Whitney Mathews, MCHS JAG teacher (pictured back center).

The MCHS JAG program brought home 1st place in State for their Service Learning Blog.  "This is a huge accomplishment for us as a program! Our Chapter has placed at the state level, but never first. This is a first for our region to take a 1st place spot in a chapter event," shared Mathews.

Congratulations to all competitors and all members of the MCHS JAG Chapter and Mrs. Mathews on a job well done!
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Deputy Deadeyes STATE Champs - Madison Archery in the spotlight!

State Champs fun pose2
On Saturday, March 11, 2017, the Deputy Deadeyes Archery team competed at the NASP State Tournament and brought home a STATE TITLE! As a team, the Deadeyes shot 103 bullseyes for a combined team score of 3,110 points to finish first among 32 elementary teams.

Deputy Elementary fifth graders Cole Bechman and Brooklynn Hazelwood each placed fifth overall in elementary boys and girls classes respectively. Cole shot a 273 with 11 bullseyes and finished with a state ranking of 3rd out of 167 fifth grade boys in the state. Brooklynn shot a 273 with 10 bullseyes and finished with a state ranking of 4th out of 160 fifth grade girls in the state.

Madison also sent teams from Rykers’ Ridge Elementary, Madison Junior High School, and Madison Consolidated High School. Rykers’ Ridge as a team scored a total of 2,859 points with 61 bullseyes and finished the tournament at 13th of 32 teams.

The Madison Junior High School team scored a total of 3,179 points with 104 bullseyes and finished with a rank of 11th out of 31 middle school teams. Sixth grader (and former Deadeye) Quinton Huff scored a 279 with 15 bullseyes to earn a rank of 2nd out of 134 sixth grade boys in the state.

The team from MCHS combined for a score of 3,300 points with 154 bullseyes and finished 11th of 31 high school teams. Sophomore James Weir contributed with a score of 294, only six short of a perfect score of 300. He racked up 24 bullseyes which earned him a ranking of 1st out of 111 sophomore boys in the state, 2nd out of 324 high school boys, and 3rd out of 1,074 boys competing state-wide.
Deputy Deadeye team members pictured above (left to right): front row Ruby Willoughby, Bridgett Boles, Michelle Hatton, Sean Neff, and Laura Boles.  Second row: Tracent Chatham, Addie Stitsworth, Allison Palmer, Sydney Huff, Autumn Ross, Brooklyn Hazelwood, Maysha Wells, Nicolas Smith, Layne Laufer, Emma Laufer, and Creedence Helton.  Third row: Coach Chris Calhoun, Emma Richey, Sydney Amburgey, Ryanne Rose, Ryan Stoner, Cole Bechman, Jacob Smith, Kye Johnson, Coach Jennifer Amburgey, and Chloe Graham.

Congratulations to all of the teams and individuals who participated!  

Full results from the Indiana NASP State Tournament can be found through this link.
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Math + Hard Work + Passion = Success!

Math Bowl teams from MJHS, E.O. Muncie, Lydia Middleton, Deputy, and Rykers' Ridge traveled to Aurora Indiana for the annual competition on February 23, 2017.  

Here is a highlight recap of the big winners for the night:

Madison Jr. High 6th grade team
Blue Class (score 22) 30th/ 110 in the state
First place in Class at the Regional Competition in Aurora and won overall!

E. O. Muncie Elementary
Orange Class (score 17) 48th / 111 in the state
First place in Class at the Regional Competition in Aurora!

Lydia Middleton Elementary 
Red Class (score 14) 63rd/126 in the state
First in Class at the Regional Competition in Aurora!

Rykers' Ridge Elementary
Red Class (score 10) finished 109th in the  state 

Deputy Elementary
Red Class (score 7) finished 125th in the state

All results can be found here:
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