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Madison Consolidated Schools appreciate the hard work, dedication, and valuable support that our volunteers provide our teachers and school system.

MCS offers numerous ways for you to volunteer your talent and time.
Included below are a few options:
  • Read with Students
  • Maintain Flower Beds/Gardens
  • Walk Students Across Streets (Crossing Guard)
  • PTO Members
  • Guest Speakers in their Area of Expertise
  • Go Over Flashcards with Students
  • Work in Concessions
  • Coaching Sport Programs
  • Fundraisers
  • Sort Mail (Main Office)
  • Learning Commons
MCS requires that you submit a Volunteer Request Form.  Madison Consolidated Schools require a background check for all volunteers that have direct contact with our students.


Please contact the appropriate school directly for volunteer opportunities:

Madison Consolidated High School 812-274-8002
Madison Consolidated Jr. High School 812-274-8003
Deputy Elementary 812-274-8007
Lydia Middleton Elementary 812-274-8005
E.O. Muncie Elementary 812-274-8004
Rykers’ Ridge Elementary 812-274-8006
Madison Early Development Center 812-273-8528

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Yancey 812-274-8001 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Volunteers Guidelines:
  1.   Volunteers may be contacted and scheduled by the individual school or department desiring the service without involving the Central Office in the arrangements and without any special conditions.
  2.   Volunteers are required to complete Form 8120 F1 and a criminal
    listing background check. (Direct contact with Students)
  3.   All volunteers shall be under the direct supervision of the
    school or department administrator and/or the teacher to whom they are
    assigned.  They may not be used in an administrative or supervisory
  4.   Volunteer aides may be used at the discretion of the school
  5.   Follow Policy 8120 Volunteers.   
  6.  Sign a Volunteer Release Form.
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