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MCHS Student Services Team

Our goal is to develop a personalized working relationship with our students. While some counselors have an assigned caseload for academic purposes, our team works together to support all students' needs: academic, career, and social-emotional.

Our Student Services team will

  • work with students to develop academic plans that align with their career pathway
  • work with each student to put them in the best position to reach their post-secondary goals
  • provide guidance and teach skills that support student well-being and success
If you would like to contact your student's counselor or any of our Student Services team, simply click on their name to send an email or call using the numbers below.


Carrie Dickerson
School Counselor
Students with last names beginning with letters A - G

phone 812-274-8392

Shareen Kring,  
School Counselor
Students with last names beginning with letters H - N
phone 812-274-8119

Janelle Smith, School Counselor & Program Leader
Students with last names beginning with letters O - Z
phone 812-274-8398

Betsy Sullivan, School Counselor
Alternative Education Student Services
phone 812-274-8221

Meghan Welty, Administrative Clerk
Support for Attendance Interventions
phone 812-274-8264


Kyrstien Durham, RN
School Nurse 
phone 812-274-8334

Megan Robbins, Health Room Assistant

Officer Cody Teltow
School Resource Officer
phone 812-274-8402

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